Game, set, match: how a 1xBet customer won over $180,000

Game, set, match: how a 1xBet customer won over $180,000

Game, set, match: how a 1xBet customer won over $180,000 There’s a great line in Woody Allen’s classic film Match Point: “People are afraid to face how great a part of life is dependent on luck. It’s scary to think so much is out of one’s control. There are moments in a match when the ball hits the top of the net and for a split second it can either go forward or fall back. With a little luck, it goes forward and you win. Or maybe it doesn’t and you lose”.

The meaning of these words applies not only to tennis, but to many other moments in our lives – including betting on tennis games at 1xBet. Sometimes, you can guess a lot of outcomes, but one of them fails and instead of winning an attractive sum of money, your account balance goes down. A familiar story to many, isn’t it?

But often everything goes right. And that’s exactly what happened to a 1xBet client who, in February 2023, decided to bet a large sum on the outcome of 6 tennis matches. Most of the events were bets on favourites, but not super obvious ones. The strategy and gut feeling of the punter worked – and this is what happened:

Game, set, match: how a 1xBet customer won over $180,000

The total odds for the accumulator was 14.295. The result, with a bet of $12,599,06, brought the player’s winnings to $180,101,99! It was legen – wait for it – dary! And most importantly – completely transparent and fair.

This is not the first and probably not the last success story of a customer with the reliable bookmaker 1xBet. It shows that sometimes you should not be afraid to gamble big if you are confident in yourself and your victory. Not the only one, but a very useful recipe for success.

Whichever way you choose, remember: with 1xBet, it is possible to win in many ways. Believe in yourself, bet with a global bookmaker – and sooner or later the ball will fall in the right direction from the net.

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